Lemonade In Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money

Lemonade in Winter Makes Counting Money Fun


What little kid doesn’t like something a little kooky?  And what isn’t kooky about a lemonade stand in winter?  My kids (ages 5 ½ and 4) were hooked after looking at the cover of this book—though I promise I usually insist on not judging books in this method.

Emily Jenkins and G. Brian Karas do what teachers always encourage us parents to do: make math fun.  The lessons in coins and counting are limited to quarters in the story; at the end of the book there is a one page index explaining coins and dollars and how much each is worth.  I wish they had included pennies, nickels  and dimes in the story, but I know the “four quarters equal one dollar” lesson will stick in my kids’ heads because they repeat it throughout the book.

Jenkins and Karas also excel at explaining the concepts of marketing, a clever little add-on lesson that is particularly timely and useful as we turn the corner to meet the holiday rush head-on.

Pauline and John-John are a brother-sister duo who decide, despite the naysayers, to have a lemonade stand in the middle of a snowstorm.  After emptying piggy banks and searching pockets and pulling up the sofa cushions, they come up with six dollars.  They use this to purchase the ingredients.  The accompanying picture is very helpful to illustrate the text to small readers—neat rows of quarters next to each ingredient, showing how many quarters each item is worth.

They make the lemonade, and then march their chilly selves and equally chilly drink outside into the snow.  In order to successfully sell their product, they take a smart series of actions: First, they advertise.  Second, they provide entertainment.  Third, they have a sale.  Fourth, they decorate to attract attention.  Each step draws a unique customer and a few more quarters.

In the end, they add up their quarters and realize that they didn’t make any money.  Pauline is disappointed, but John-John is enthusiastic: “But look at all this money!  Will sixteen quarters buy two Popsicles?”  I love how he looks at the bright side, and I love how the kids indulge in another normally-summer activity while wearing snowsuits.  

In all, this is a cute little book that easily draws kids in with a kooky setting, great illustrations and a fun story.  The fact that there are plenty of lessons to learn is a really nice bonus.  Check it out for yourself, and please let my kids know if you and your kids end up having a lemonade stand in winter in your neighborhood—they’d really like to see one!

Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money

by Emily Jenkins and G. Brian Karas


Price: Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million! for approximately $13.00

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