Lamaze Breathing for Life

By Amy Carney Bevins

Lamaze breathing is a critical life skill and a parent necessity. Everyone should learn the breathing techniques before the birth of their first child. They are fabulous. Hee Hee Hoo. In. Out. Relax. Definitely helps with the birth of the baby.

But the usefulness of this technique doesn’t end there.

Fast-forward a few years to the terrible two’s and your toddler willfully coloring on the walls with permanent marker (Hee Hee Hoo!). Or climbing down the stairs forwards for the first time (Hee hee hee heee hoo!).

Siblings on a long car trip (Hee Hee! Cleansing breath). A slumber party (hee hoo hee hoo).

A teenager with car keys (Relax. Find your focal point. In. Out. Keep breathing).

Like I said, take the time to learn the breathing skills before your child is born. You’ll need them and use them more often than you’d imagine. (Besides epidurals only work when you’re lying down and who has time for that).

Amy Carney Bevins is a freelance writer and mother of two. You can contact her at[email protected].


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