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Stepping into Kinder Haus Toys is a magical moment of being transported to an enormous toy wonderland; and if the parents’ “oohs” and “ahhs” are any indication, a re-living of your childhood!

My four-year old daughter stood agape at the rows of beautiful costumes, and was magnetically drawn to the huge collection of princess outfits, complete with matching glass slippers and wands.  Then, while I browsed the aisles, she headed to the two gigantic train tables, well-supplied with Chuggington and Thomas & Friends trains, where she happily played train conductor for the entire hour I spent shopping.

We were a little disappointed that we missed Kinder Haus’ story time by one day.  So if you’re planning a trip  keep in mind they offer storytime every Monday and Friday from 10:30 to 11:00 am, making it even more fun for your children.


In Kinder Haus’ 5,000 square foot space you can find favorite toy brands like Lego, Playmobile, Melissa and Doug, and The Learning Resources. I thought everything was very nicely (and, intuitively) organized. Board games were in one aisle, stuffed animals in another, arts and crafts occupied a huge space in the back, and even children’s outfits had their own section.

Since I’m a bookworm, I was especially thrilled with their children’s book corner. They offered a terrific selection of both classics and the newer Caldecott award-winning books. My daughter, whose current favorites are Curious George and Olivia, was thrilled to find both series, along with a Curious George stuffed monkey to cuddle with as you read.  And, for those of you that like to support U.S. toy manufacturers, they even have a section devoted to toys made in the U.S., something extremely difficult to find these days.


As a frugal blogger, I was a little concerned about how pricey Kinder Haus would be. But, while their items are higher-end merchandise, I didn’t find a significant mark-up. For instance, we’ve been looking for the sequel to Magnetic Mighty Mind, a collection of geometric puzzles, that my daughter loves. And, wonder of wonders, we found it at Kinder Haus! Normally, it retails on Amazon for $23.95 (marked down from $61.95), but Kinder Haus was selling it for $25.95. For me, the additional two dollars was more than worth the fun of browsing through the store, while having my child entertained with her beloved train engines.


I also thought Kinder Haus did an excellent job of selecting inventory that was well-made, educational, and lasting. When it comes to material goods, I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity.  On special occasions like Christmas and birthdays, we select one very nice toy for my daughter, rather than a handful of smaller ones that break within minutes

It’s very difficult to find a local store that has the quality of toys we desire, and while I love online shopping, I’m a little wary of spending my entire Christmas budget on a toy, sight unseen.  So, I was thrilled to find a store that shares the same criteria as we do when vetting a toy.  (My husband has already reconciled himself to the fact that we’ll be battling DC traffic to shop there in December!)

For money-savvy shoppers, Kinder Haus offers a rewards program. For every $20 you spend, you receive a stamp. When you fill the card (with 10 stamps), you receive $20 off your next purchase. The best part is the card never expires.  And, they also offer free gift wrapping while you wait – you have a choice of six different wrapping papers, ranging from blue stripes to dancing princesses.  That way, you won’t have the added expense and hassle of wrapping your presents! 

Kinder Haus Toys

1220 N. Fillmore St.

Arlington, VA


Convenient Location    4
Customer Service  4
Decor  5
Price/Affordability  4
Kid-Friendly  5
Available Parking
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest.

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