Kidz Bop 29 – Still Bopping Along

Our basement dance parties carry on, and Kidz Bop is always our first choice of music. Kidz Bop 29 was released July 10, 2015, once again containing very timely song choices. Right after picking up our copy, we popped it in to enjoy on our drive home.

Kidz Bop 29 has 14 tracks, all current hits on the radio, that vary from slow to fast, female to male vocals, and loud to soft(er). The teen vocalists all deliver solid performances that are easy on the ears and enjoyable for the younger crowd (Kidz Bop says it is aimed at children ages 5-12).

My son was excited that several of his favorite pop hits were included in the playlist. “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer are both upbeat songs he loves. Kidz Bop did a great job editing some of the lyrics to produce a toned down, but still fun and catchy, version of the songs. Once again I was impressed with their ability to do this, and also grateful my son is not spouting out inappropriate lyrics. One word of caution, however, is they do not usually change the general topic of the song, so there is still the chance for inappropriate themes being introduced to your child. For example, the previously mentioned song “Honey I’m Good,” even with lyrics changed, is inferring an individual in a committed relationship is being tempted to stray. I do not personally find this to be a problem, but some parents may take issue and wish to stay with traditional children’s music.

Lyrics and themes aside, another reason I have come to love the Kidz Bop brand is the ability to buy one album that has a variety of songs, instead of having to choose one particular artist. At their ages, my children like the constant change of sound, tempo, etc., as opposed to an entire playlist from one artist.

The Kidz Bop branding has become familiar to my son and he gets excited to see it. Since he finds the series so enjoyable, we have also been listening to their previous recordings which are available through many streaming sites. As with my review of the previous Kidz Bop CD, I highly recommend this as a fun addition to your music collection!

Kidz Bop 29

Produced by Kidz Bop LLC

Available at, Target, Walmart, and most major retailers/big box stores


Appealed to my child(ren): 5

Appealed to adults: 5

Would listen to/watch more than once: 5

Child appropriate content: 5

I would purchase this product: Yes

I would give this product as a gift: Yes

Overall rating: 5

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