Kidz Bop 26 Mom Review

Kidz Bop 26 Proves to be a Big Hit

Once I had the Kidz Bop 26 CD in my hands, I wanted to get an expert’s opinion, so I turned it over to my first-grader. Having found Kidz Bop music a few years ago, I knew what to expect and didn’t feel the need to screen it first (okay, okay, I did review the playlist). I knew there would be a variety of pop songs in which any child un-friendly lyrics would be replaced with age appropriate ones and which would be sung by young children.

Music “sung by kids for kids,” what’s not to like? I placed the CD in the pink Hello Kitty stereo and let it play. It was a hit. My daughter played this CD every day since then and knows how to quickly find her favorites: “Counting Stars,” “Let it Go,” “Timber,” and other hits like “Pompeii,” and “Sing” have also invaded the upper level of our home.

I was pleasantly surprised since my last Kidz Bop purchase of an earlier release proved to be a bad decision. My little music connoisseur quickly let me know it was not acceptable and it now sits neatly in a shelf among other unpopular musical and video choices. Since then I have been apprehensive about buying other Kidz Bop CDs, especially, when it is also easily accessible on Sirius XM satellite radio and on Pandora internet radio. However, after listening to this release, I think I would buy the next release and ONLY the newest release – lesson learned.

This release contains 15 popular hits, one of which (“Let it Go”) is from Disney’s mega hit “Frozen.” It was released in July 2014 and price ranges from $11.99 to $13.98. It is available on iTunes, www., retailers such as Target, and online retailers like Amazon. It is sung by a group of 5 young children that are featured on the case, a nice little feature. The case also contains information on the Kidz Bop Kids Live Tour which is “coming to a city near you.” Overall, I (and my daughter) give this CD a 5 out of 5!

Kidz Bop 26

Kidz Bop LLC

Price: $11.99+

Cindy Claros is the proud mother of an energetic, music-loving 6 year-old. She enjoys outdoor activities, photography, and hopes to one day complete a scrapbooking project. She works as a marketing communications specialist in the Rockville area and resides in Silver Spring with her husband and daughter.

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