Kidz Bop 22 CD

Rock Out to Kidz Bop 22!

Kidz Bop 22 is a top-selling children’s music CD, released this past July by the Razor & Tie Label.  It is the 22nd release in this popular children’s pop music genre.  The series takes popular chart-topping music and re-releases them using children’s voices.  The group consists of five young members and appeals to the pre-teen crowd.  Parents appreciate the appeal of popular music, yet with age-appropriate lyric changes when necessary.  

This CD includes 20 released songs, including chart toppers like “Call Me Maybe,” “Starships” and “Rumour Has It.”  Both of my children, ages 10 and 6, enjoyed singing every word to every song, but with voices that sound similar to their own. I think they also appreciated hearing the talents of youngsters their own ages.  The artists singing on the tracks are both male and female, singing tracks made popular by both male and female artists.  This helps keep Kidz Bop releases appealing to both boys and girls.  

This is a great CD to keep in the car and help pass the time in a commute or long car ride.  This was our first introduction to the Kidz Bop series, but I can see it as something my children will request as future CDs are released.  These are available at several retailers, including but not limited to, Target, Wal-Mart and Toys R US, and are priced well at the $10 range.  If you have children or grandchildren ages 4-12, pick one up today!

To learn more and hear samples, visit Kids will also enjoy being able to watch the music videos as seen here  

Kidz Bop 22

Kidz Bop L.L.C.

 Appealed to My Children 5
 Appealed to Adults 4
 Would Listen to More Than Once 5
 Child Appropriate Content 5
 I Would Purchase This Product for My Family  yes
 I Would Purchase This Product as a Gift  yes
 Overall Rating  5

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

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