Kid Trips: Northern Virginia Edition

A Must-Have Guide to Local Fun!

Every summer my kids and I go on weekly “field trips” around the area.  The destination could be as close as the Reston Zoo or as far away as the National Aquarium in Baltimore. 

For three years we’ve been going to the same places every summer—and having a really good time at those places—but we haven’t branched out very much.

Thanks to Kids Trips: Northern Virginia Edition, we will be going to heaps of new places this summer.  In fact, I’m not sure I can wait that long. 

This book has inspired me to become a better tourist in and around my city, and I’d like to investigate the nooks and crannies that the authors have highlighted for me and other readers.  Starting right about now.

Authors and mom bloggers Claudine Kurp, Amy Suski and Micaela Williamson seemed to find all the great things to be found in this area for kids of all ages—from babies to teenagers—and have packaged it in an accessible, organized fashioned.  And, to top that off, they’ve added their insight and experience whenever possible.

From historical sites/museums to children’s theaters, indoor play spaces to pick-your-own farms, campgrounds to amusement parks… They’ve got it all. 

In the chapters on destinations, the authors have included basic information—obviously, the address, phone number and website of the destination.  In addition, they provide a description of what is available at that park (i.e., the weekly activities offered at Turner Farm) and often include an “Insider’s Tip” that is an always-useful nugget of information. 

Sometimes it is details about the facilities, what the local’s think, what you think you might find but don’t, when to show up early for an event that becomes overcrowded quickly.  I’ve already found three fun, new places to go right around the corner from me that I didn’t know about!

The latter chapters are about resources: parent support groups, childcare support, parenting publications.  While these chapters are briefer than the first 20, the potential information, insight and support that they give is huge! 

I already emailed a friend of mine information on a sleep coach after she confided that her daughters’ sleep habits are a) less than ideal and b) stealing her sleep.  Also, the list of mothers’ groups included the organization I personally thank for linking me up with new moms when my first child was born. 

I couldn’t have survived that first year without them, and I thank the Mothers of North Arlington for the service it provided to link us up.  I’m so glad that this book will help other moms find friendship, support and guidance, too.

The last chapter is my favorite—it’s the Top Picks in a bunch of different (sometimes random) categories, including: best place to have a birthday party, best child-friendly restaurants, best kids’ consignment stores, best place to get your child’s haircut, best place to ride/see a train, etc. 

This book is just $10.  What a deal!  For the amount of information packed inside the pages, there is no way that you should close your computer down before ordering yourself a copy. 

In fact, order more than one—you’ll find a few people who also need this book.  Spread the word that this is an essential book for any Northern Virginia parent who wants to dive into and explore the area together with their families.

Kid Trips: Northern Virginia Edition 

by Claudine Kurp, Amy Suski, and Micaela Williamson

Price: $10

Easy to Read  5
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