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I’m excited that a new Kid to Kid store is opening in Rockville!  I’ve shopped at Kid to Kid in another state, and am looking forward to having one here locally.

Kid to Kid is a national franchise similar to consignment, but with a twist.  If you are looking for good condition used and even some new clothing items, toys, and equipment for your child, Kid to Kid has a great selection. 

You can also bring in items you no longer need and want to sell and the buyers and Kid to Kid will appraise your items and offer payment in cash or 20% more if you decide to take it as in store credit.  It’s like selling consignment, but without the waiting to see if it sells, coming back to pick up what doesn’t sell, etc. I think it’s a brilliant plan!

The new Kid to Kid in Rockville is gearing up for their grand opening happening May 16, 2013 at 4pm.  Currently they are open for buying, but after the grand opening you will be able to purchase from their great selection. 

As I walked through the large store I was amazed by the selection.  Anything you can possible imagine needing (or wanting) for a child birth through size 14, they have!  Strollers, port-a-cribs, clothes, shoes, toys, swings, dance shoes, car seats, pop up tents, exersaucers, DVDs, potty seats, high chairs, baby carriers, the list goes on and on!  They even sell maternity clothes and nursing supplies.   


In addition to the consignment merchandise, Kid to Kid also sells new items, including tutus, hair bows, Melissa and Doug toys, boy’s neck ties and umbrellas. 

If you are interested in selling to Kid to Kid, I would recommend visiting their website to find what they are looking for.  You can also interact with the store owner, Leily Kiani, through her Kid to Kid Rockville Facebook page which she updates regularly, or give her a call to find out what they are currently in need of.  (You can see more pictures of the store on the Facebook page as well.) 

You’ll also want to make sure your items are in good condition, clean, and in current style.  Equipment and toys should have all working pieces, be clean, and meet safety standards.

The prices of the items at Kid to Kid are reasonable.  According to their website you can find name brand items for up to 70% off original retail prices!  This is a great way to make your dollar stretch to buy the items your child needs without breaking the bank.

Because Kid to Kid offers payment upfront to those who sell items you can expect to make a little less than you might at a traditional consignment store, but then again you can just take your money (or store credit) and not have to think about those old clothes again.

Like many moms, I often need to bring children with me when I shop and Kid to Kid has a small kid’s play area where children can play while parents shop.  This small space is separated from the rest of the store by a half wall so little ones can’t wander out on their own.  I’m not sure if my youngest (the hardest one to shop with) would actually let me leave her in there while I shopped, but I think it’s a nice idea. 


There are lots of toys, new and used, which makes the rest of the store pretty tempting for children.  I just know mine would want to play with everything they see!  My best advice is to try to leave the kids at home, or swap with another mom so that you can both shop in peace.

I am excited to go back once the store is open for selling and see how the selection is maintained.  I think that area moms are excited for this new store.  While I was visiting the store in preparation for this review several moms stopped in with tons of items or wanting to bring in a whole attic of used kid things. 

Kid to Kid is filling the need of savvy DC moms who want to outfit their kids in style and save money doing it.

Kid to Kid

11711 Parklawn Dr., Rockville, MD



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