Keeping Your Home Safe

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Thereis no area in your home more vulnerable to intrusion than your windows and doors. FBI statistics showthat 93% of break-ins occur through windows and doors. What can YOU do to keepyour home and family more secure?


1.  Keep windows and doors locked—even when you or family membersare home.

2.  Update locking hardware on yourentry doors—installnew keyed locks and deadbolts.

3.  Ensure that window airconditioners are not easily removable from the outside—bolt them in place from theoutside.

4.  Keep drapes or shades drawn—during evenings and at night, soas not to entice intruders. Sheers can help to conceal your home’s interiorduring the day while allowing in light.

5.  Remove shrubs and trees from infront of windows—sothey can’t hide possible intruders. Keep shrubs trimmed low.

6.  Replace old, easily-breachedwindows with replacement windows that have passed ASTM structural forced entry tests.

7.  Install new heavy-duty basementwindows. Older,substandard basement windows are often targeted by intruders.

8.  Install windows and doors withlaminated, insulating glass systems. Laminated glasssystems are intruder-resistant, family safe, and energy efficient.

9.  Replace your entry doors withmetal or fiberglass doors with peepholes and minimal glass for the best security. Be sure thatthese products incorporate substantial locking systems.

10.  Replace old patio doors with new,more secure models.Insist on doors that incorporate laminated glass systems instead of temperedglass.


Temperedglass is designed for safety, but notsecurity. Tempered glass will shatter and crumble into thousands of smallpieces in less than a second with one tap from a sharp object, providing quickentry into your home. Laminated glass cannot be penetrated and serves tofrustrate a burglar.


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