Keeping Romance Alive During the Holidays

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 Make a Romance Resolution This Year

Relationships can get stale. One way to spark romance is to do PASSION once a month.

Play your favorite song together and retell the story of why it is significant.

Ask your mate three questions about their day. Don’t try to solve their problems. Just listen.

Sit, drink coffee, and have breakfast together.

State things that you appreciate about your spouse while looking in their eyes.

Inspire each other to pursue their dreams.

Open-up and share. Ask your mate about a fear they have. Then, reassure them that you will be there for them if that ever happened.

Notesare great ways to express feelings. Some great places to leave some notes are on a bedroom pillow, bathroom mirror, and steering wheel.


 Start a Holiday Romance Tradition

Make December 23rd
Holiday Romance Night!

It is so easy to let the stress of creating the perfect holiday get in the way of what is truly important and that is your marriage or significant relationship. The key to this evening is simplicity.

On the morning of December 23rd:

  • Set champagne glasses and chocolates out on the kitchen counter. This will remind you and your mate that after the kids go to bed romance will be the number one priority.
  • Start a fire or play some romantic jazz music and
  • Toast to each other something you appreciate about the other person–appreciation is the best gift you can give and receive.

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 Little Things to Keep Romance Alive

  • Strategically hang some mistletoeabove the kitchen sink–keep those holiday kisses flowing.
  • While your partners in the shower,throw the towels in the dryer so they will have a warm  towels when theyget out. 
  • If your partner is across the roomat a party, pretend you are trying to pick them up with some flirty gestures.

Sponsoredby RonnieElias Salon.

Voted FAMILY Magazine’s FavoriteSalon.





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