Indoor Fun with the Kids

Yucky Weather Fun Bag

For this activity, prepare a few different activities in brown lunch bags. Eachone will hold a different craft, book or scavenger hunt. Hide these away andbring out when the weather is too cold or rainy to head outdoors. For example,one bag might have instructions on how to make play dough. You can include all theingredients in little baggies so your child can do it themselves! Another bagmight have “Yucky Weather Fun Bag…with Dad” and requires Dad’s help. It couldbe a scavenger hunt, where the child needs to find a mystery item somewhere inthe house or a chapter book to read with Dad. Or it could be a mini set ofcheckers to play with mom or dad. A bag might also include a book of mad-libsor other educational puzzles and will receive a prize upon completion!


Sugar CookieDecorating

Wecould make these beforehand, and kids could decorate each holiday cookie intheir own, unique way. This inspires creativity and can make a tasty snack fora nasty day outside.


Barbie SalonDay or Wash Your Racecar Day

Fillup a tub (or a large bowl) with warm water and give Barbie a day at the spa.After washing her hair, your daughter could also wash Barbie’s clothes. Next,blow-dry the clothes and Barbie’s hair for a stylish new ‘do. Boys can do aCash Your Racecar Day and clean each of their racecars or fire trucks in abathtub orlarge bowl. He can show them off in a car show when he’s finished.


Card MakingMarathon

Whilethe days of card writing are slowlyfading, it can be a fun chance to encouragean appreciation for this “ancient art.” Write a letter to Grandma, Grandpa,your neighbor or even a soldier overseas!

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