Indoor Family Fun

1. Transform a Cardboard Box!

Try on of the three ideas below for hours and hours of inexpensive fun!

Race Car

Whether boy or girl, your child will love having a cardboard box car that can be decorated in a custom style. Simply break out the paints or markers and some stickers. Draw headlights on the front of the car, and a grill. Cut a cardboard circle out and paint it black, then attach it with a pin or fastener to the inside flap of the car for a steering wheel. Girls love to add sparkly glue and boys can enjoy drawing flames on the side. Don’t forget to draw doors and add cardboard wheels!


Make a fun train by chaining together three or four smaller boxes. Shoeboxes work very well for this project. Poke holes in the back of the engine and the front of the caboose. The middle cars should have holes in front and back. Then, push some string through the holes and tie a washer to each end (this joins all the cars together.) Add a long string to the front of the train, drop in some stuffed animals and let your child pull his train around the house.


Draw rocks on the outside of a large box and decorate the inside like a cave. You can paint it grey or brown inside, or use grey construction paper for a faster creation. Draw a fire on one wall, use red and yellow tissue paper to create the flames. Spread a blanket on the floor and your kid has the perfect little hideaway!

2. Slime!

Create Flubber all over again with this gooey science experiment that both boys and girls will love!

3. Family Cook-Off!

On a cold day stuck inside, hold a family cook-off! Assign each family member a dish (don’t forget dessert!) and enjoy the delicious meal when you’re finished! This helps show kids how much work goes into preparing a meal and gives them a greater appreciation.

Check out these amazing recipes from Disney!

4. Educational Video Games

You don’t have to mention that they’ll help increase their math and writing skills. To them, it’s an arcade game…check out this site for Mad Libs and a great Math arcade game!


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