In This Issue: Back to the Backpack

My favorite back-to-school activity growing up was shopping with my Mom for a new backpack. My go-to favorite brand: Lisa Frank. Paired with some fresh Birkenstocks, I felt too cool for school.

So parents, here’s your check list: New backpack? Check. Overflow of shiny school supplies? Check. Instagram-worthy bento box lunches? Check. Bright-eyed and well-rested child? … semi-check?

While kids might be heading into months of schoolwork, the new school year brings work for parents, too. Let our September issue be a study tool to help not only your children, but also yourself.

In this issue, we have our annual Education Guide on pg. 38. You can find resources for schools, enrichment activities, tutoring centers, field trip destinations and more!

Are you looking to shake-up your school lunch packing routine, or want to know how to prevent healthy foods from finding their way back home? Check out the “What’s in Your Lunchbox?” article on pg. 26 to get some healthy lunch planning ideas and tips from local chefs.

Does chronic procrastination describe the state of your teen’s study habits? If so, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Get some tips from a local tutor on how to help your teen improve their time-management skills and tackle schoolwork on pg. 18.

We have a list of newly-released children’s books on pg. 32 to check out this fall. For parents of children with dyslexia who fear their child might not ever enjoy the act of reading, see pg. 36. The experts at Lindamood-Bell can alleviate your concerns as they answer some frequently asked questions on this topic.

The biggest heroes of every school year are teachers. They’re the inspiring men and women who help our children learn, dream, create and grow. After receiving nominations from our readers, we chose six incredible local teachers to tell their stories. Read about our second annual Teachers of the Year winners starting on pg. 10. You’ll soon discover why these dedicated individuals are among the area’s best educators. Bonus: You’ll also get plenty of invaluable parent-teacher insight!

When the kids are finally off to school, happy with their new Eastpak tropical print backpack, I hope you enjoy a moment of solitude. One that includes whipping up your own specialized bento-box lunch creation and “studying” all the education-focused resources in this issue.

Happy new school year!

Britni Petersen

Managing Editor

Washington FAMILY Magazine

[email protected]


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