In This Issue: Back to School is Calling You

Don’t answer! It’s just too early. You’ve still got one foot relaxing in the warm beach sand as you hear the surf pounding and you breathe in the ocean air. But the other foot knows it needs to shake off that sand and get the kids ready for back-to-school mode …

August is such a conflicting month.

It’s sad as the dog days of summer start to slip away this month, but there’s good news: In just one calendar-flip away, there will be less exclamations of “I’m bored!” coming from your vacationed-out kids and more of a steady, scheduled routine. To get you ready for this transition, we packed our August issue with helpful back-to-school resources.

For back-to-school shopping, we asked local moms to share some tips and tricks on cutting down shopping time and expenses on pg. 36. Plus, if you want your kids dressed to impress this school year without breaking the bank, we included a list of some of the best local children’s consignment shops.

For parents of children, especially of preschoolers who suffer food allergies, the start of school can be cause for concern. It’s easy to control potential allergy issues at home, but less so once your little one is in the classroom. Food allergy expert, Rachel Ornstein Packer discusses what questions to ask your child’s school and how to create a classroom food allergy management plan on pg. 10.

Finding the right school or after-school activities can be a chore. To make it easier, check out our annual Back-to-School Guide on pg. 28. You will find a variety of resources on schools, tutoring services, after-school programs and more! But before you sign your kids up for every college-application-worthy activity, be sure to read “The Overscheduled Child: How Many After-School Activities are Too Many?” on pg. 22. It can give you some insight and signs on whether or not your child is overbooked.

And for even more back-to-school tips and resources, check out the homepage. But don’t feel rushed! It’s still summer. Go on a few more summer hiking trips, play tourist in D.C. or grab one of the books on pg. 18 to keep your summer vacation vibe going a little longer. And then, with both feet out of the sand, follow along with Washington FAMILY as we get you and your family prepared for the school year ahead!

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