I See Me!: A Day in the Life of a Princess

I have several I See Me! books for my own children on our crowded bookshelves here in our home. My daughter received a customized My Very Own Name when she was born from family friends. It wasn’t one we read to her often until she realized that it was in fact, about her very own name, and then she chose it frequently for bedtime and anytime readings.

When our two boys came along, we purchased for them a book from the next iteration of I See Me! books, My Very Own Pirate Tale. This book is better than my daughter’s because it is, in fact, more of a story. A fearless pirate captain is needed, and a treasure map (of sorts) spells out the new pirate’s name (in other words, your child’s name). Both boys went through phases of loving the book. This book as well as My Very Own Name are still available through www.iseeme.com.

I liked these books a lot, but they are just okay compared to the next iteration of I See Me! books which are just fantastic! In these books, the child’s name is not the only thing that is customized. Nope, it’s 2014, of course, and these books have photographs of your child of choice inside the actual pages of the book. The photographs aren’t slipped in (I’ve seen that before)—they are part of the illustration, part of the page. It’s one thing for a child to hear their names out loud by a grown-up; it’s entirely another (wonderful) thing for a child to see their own face jump out from the page. I See Me! was kind enough to have three books made for Washington FAMILY Magazine to hold, flip through, and review in order to tell you, parents everywhere, that these are fine, worth-the-money products.

And that’s what I am here to tell you: Girls everywhere will go crazy over Princess: A Day In the Life of a Princess books.

When you order this book from www.iseeme.com, you provide your child’s name, gender, hair color, birthday, city, and skin color. Uploading a photograph is actually optional and of the three books reviewed for Washington FAMILY Magazine, this is the book that needs the photo the least. It is used twice: on the dedication page (for maximum effect—what a hook for a child to see their face on the first page!) and in a frame on page four with their name along the frame. The cartoon princess in the book is made in their likeness.

The story is a little tale of a girl who dreams about becoming a princess and then, POOF!, she actually wakes up as a crown-wearing royal. She has a breakfast (cupcakes and fruit!) and strolls around her castle, visits her horses, trots through the garden, and ends up having a tea party. There are details of your girl of choice sprinkled in the words: her birthstone, her birthday and the city where she lives.

The downside of this book: it is expensive. Most picture books cost $12 to $17; Princess: A Day in the Life of a Princess is $34.95. But the book is worth the splurge if you can do it, or request it from a grandparent or special relative. The gimmicks of having the princess look like the recipient, and of having actual photos and details in the book are, in fact, gimmicks. But they work—they create interest for any reader, perhaps

a particularly reluctant one, and will get them just a little more interested in the written word.

Publisher: I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books

Available through www.iseeme.com

MSRP: $34.95

Ages: 2-5 years


Readability 5
Illustrations 4
Kept my Child(ren’s) Interest
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls
I Would Purchase for My Child Yes
I Would Purchase as a Gift  Yes
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high).


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