How Would You Use Text Messaging?

Different industries use real time communication via Text Messaging in different ways.  Text Messaging is extremely effective.  95% of people who receive a text will read it within 5 minutes!

People read and respond to text messages significantly faster than any other communications medium.

Here are some ways different industries are effectively using this high tech tool to build their business.

Restaurants & Food Service

Bring in repeat business with a VIP Club for specials and discounts.

Create VIP system to invite customers to special classes or events.

Real time updates about special programs or events.

Spas & Women’s Services

Bring in repeat business with announcements of new services.

Schools, Child Care & Youth Programs

Communicate REAL TIME emergency messages to parents.

Remind parents about important meeting dates or events.

Motivate donors with REAL TIME donations on a BIG SCREEN at fundraisers.

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