How to Recycle Old Refrigerators

Tips Provided by Mr. Appliance.



A 20-year-old refrigerator or freezer can consume two to four times moreenergy than a new model, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Contact your local electric utility company to see if they offer a bounty program in your area. If applicable, they will collect and recycle your old refrigerated appliances that contain refrigerant. Some utility providers may offer rebates or discounts on Energy Star® appliances.

Contact your local department of public works and ask about the procedures for collecting and recycling refrigerated appliances in your area.

Federal law requires that the refrigerant must be removed before the appliance can be disposed. If you are required to make sure it is removed, do not attempt to remove it on your own.

Call a certified technician to safely and properly remove and dispose of the refrigerant.

Don’t just leave your old household appliances on the curb for large trash pickup. It could be picked up by someone who will not dispose of them properly.

Make sure you know what will happen to your appliance. Appliances are typically recycled or landfilled, but they can also be refurbished and resold if in working condition.

Almost all of the materials in refrigerated appliances can be recycled, which reduces the need to produce new materials.

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