How to Buy the Best Chocolates

When finding sweet treatsfor your loved one, keep these shopping tips from ShopSmart in mind!

Check for Hidden Costs

If you’re buying online, shipping fees can be steep, even doubling the price.You can pay from $13 to $44 in overnight shipping fees to make sure thechocolates are fresh. Make note that costs can be even more for Saturdaydelivery. Some companies charge tax and fees for cool packs if they’re shippingto warm climates or during the summer. Shop early to avoid delays!

Think Small

Usually, a one-pound box is plenty. Find a kind that that has lots of variety!

Find the Right Flavors

For more adventurous chocolate lovers, try one with unusual ingredients likechile peppers or balsamic vinaigrette. For the more conservative, opt for onefilled with nuts or creams.

Don’t Save Them for Later

Good chocolates don’t last long, especially those made from fresh ingredients.Most have a shelf life of about two weeks, so keep that in mind.


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