Homemade Slip N Slide

Help your kids to stop, drop, and slide their way to summer fun with this fun, (relatively free) and homemade slip n slide!

You Need:

Plastic shower curtains or smooth tarp

A grassy area, preferably on a hill

Dish soap

Garden hose

Go out to a hardware or home store and buy some smooth tarp, unless you have some around. Or, if you have any old plastic shower curtains around, they’ll also do the trick.

How to:

Place the tarp or the curtain down a hill or along a grassy area (so sliding won’t hurt!)

Cover the slide in dish soap. (This will make the sliding part really fun and boo-boo free!)

Secure the hose at the top of the slide and keep the water running.

Have your kids run and jump onto the slide for a slip, sliding good time!

Find more great ways to keep cool in the summer, or visit a local spray/water park!


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