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Kidspace Idea Book

By Wendy A. Jordan

Thinking of redecorating or de-cluttering the kids’ space and aren’t sure where to begin? We have all seen the garden-variety bedroom and play area, but if you want something truly unusual, something sure to be a hit with your child, his friends, and your friends too, check out the New Kidspace Idea Book. The second of it’s kind by Wendy Jordan, this latest edition is packed with ideas from the whimsical to the truly sophisticated. This book is truly an amazing cornucopia of ideas! Jordan covers all the areas kids may inhabit, from bedrooms and bathrooms to basements and outdoor playhouses. Ideas to fit every budget and house are included, and the full color photographs and helpful hints take much of the guesswork out of how to begin. Whether you are looking to build an outdoor cottage, or are just looking for ideas on clutter control, Kidspace is the perfect jumping-off point. Some of the 250-plus ideas in this creative wonderland look like so much fun, the average adult would love to spend time in these rooms once they are completed. Available at bookstores nationwide, the New Kidspace is published by Taunton Press. 

Greene and Green for Kids; Art, Architecture and Ideas

By Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen 

Charles and Henry Greene were two brothers who helped spearhead the Arts and Crafts architecture and design movement. Born in the mid-1800’s in Pasadena, California, the Greene brothers grew up in an era of outhouses, iceboxes and no running water. Their lifestyle is described in detail, taking the young reader back to the late 1800’s, when Henry and Charlie grew up. The reader is guided through the history of these men and shown the wonderful insight and creativity that initiated some of the architecture still used today. Full-color photographs and illustrations augment the text, and kids will love the 19 fun activities geared to teach kids more about this fascinating science. Complete with photographs of some of the Greene brother’s most famous buildings still around today, like the Gamble House in Pasadena. This wonderful text is sure to be interesting to kids and their parents – don’t be surprised if you all learn about how things are built and pick up a few vocabulary words along the way, too! When you get done with Greeene and Greene, check out some of Thorne-Thompson’s other books too, like Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids, A Shaker’s Dozen and The Way Pasadena Was, among others. Greene and Greene for Kids is published by Gibbs-Smith Publishers and available at major retail bookstores nationwide. 

Greene and Greene; Creating a Style

By Randell L. Makinson and Thomas A. Heinz 

When you get one reading up on the story of these great architectural genuises with your kids, move on to this wonderful resource by Makinson and Heinz. Floor plans, archival images and photography give the reader a wonderful insight into this type of architecture. The chapter on construction materials defines such staples as shakes, shingles, siding and masonry. Lighting is also explored, as well as the use of stained glass, inlay and furniture that will enhance your living space and make it a true work of art. This is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the Arts and Crafts movement and wants to incorporate this cozy ambience into their living space. Available in bookstores nationwide from Gibbs-Smith Publishing. 

Don’t Forget the Duck Tape! 

When the decision is made about what home improvement projects to tackle and it’s time to get busy, don’t forget the Duck Brand tape for your project. We all know that the prep work can be the most crucial part of any home improvement project. Proper preparation can make the difference between a successful project that provides years of enjoyment, or a botched job that just makes a mess. When shopping for the supplies needed to make the job easier, Duck Brand has a huge variety of supplies sure to make your experience a more pleasant one. For more information about the products available and for helpful hints about how to best tackle whatever your home improvement project may be, check out Duck Products online at www.duckproducts.com.



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