Holiday Specs 3D Glasses


Holiday Specs 3D Glasses

Looking for a unique stocking stuffer or holiday gift that anyone can enjoy? Look no further because now you can turn holiday lights into 3D snowflakes, reindeer, candy canes, elves or gingerbread men! The Holiday Specs 3D Glasses are made by American Paper Optics, a manufacturer of paper 3D eyewear. These glasses come in both plastic and paper versions and have patented holographic lenses that feature more than 10 holiday images. According to the instructions, if you wear the glasses while looking at any bright, single point of light then you’re automatically transported to the North Pole!

My 6year old daughter and 11-year-old son seemed excited to try each pair of glasses with different holiday images. We plugged in a string of colored lights, put on the glasses and sat back to watch the magic happen! It was kind of exciting to see the holographic images on each bulb. My husband, our resident “tech nerd,” kept repeating how cool it was! The paper glasses are easy to wear, disposable and decorated with graphics to indicate the type of image displayed. The plastic 3D viewers are a lot more durable and will last longer but cost a bit more. My children wore them for about 15 minutes, just enough time to try each pair on and “ohhh” and “ahhh.”

These are a good and inexpensive way to bring life to office holiday parties, share at schools or child and elder care facilities, or to give to friends and family. I secretly cannot wait to try them on while visiting local area light festivals!

You can find Holiday Specs in packages of 25 or more, starting at $1.50. Also available are Holiday Magic 3D Viewers sold both individually or in a 5-pack, starting at $4 each.

Holiday Specs 3D Glasses
Product Manufacturer: Holiday Specs
MSRP: starting at $4


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