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Hilarious Hannah: A Good Bet for The Preschool Set





Hilarious Hannah Waddles Her Way Through A Day is a good book for new readers and those learning to read. The character Hannah is based on author Beth Elliott’s daughter Hannah when she was a toddler. In this story we discover Hannah, nicknamed Hilarious Hannah by her mom, who has a big imagination.

This book takes you through an average day of her not so average life. From playing, to spending time with her parents, to interacting with her big sister, Hannah is busy.  Although Hannah is a little girl, she exudes confidence and doesn’t give you the impression she has to fit in. She wears sunglasses upside down just because she can. Hannah can be a handful at times by doing mischievous things.

According to the author, the book is geared toward pre-kindergarten and kindergarten aged children. I sat with my 5 year old daughter as she read the book by herself while I listened. I found this book to be easily read by young readers. She was able to get through the pages without any difficulty. The book is very basic with only about four lines of text per page. Although the book kept her interested, it seemed a little short, and seems better suited for a preschooler as opposed to kindergarten aged children, and would be more appealing to girls.

The illustrations have a whimsical feel to them, and although I wasn’t overly impressed by them, they fit with the style of book. Overall, I think the book is good for new readers with its rhyme and rhythm and is also a good option for parents who want to read to younger children.

Hilarious Hannah Waddles Her Way Through A Day

By Beth Elliott

Paperback, 32 pages

Published by CreateSpace


Price: $10

Easy to Read  3
Quality of Illustrations 3
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls 3
Kept My Child’s Interest 3
I Would Purchase This For My Family no
I Would Purchase This As a Gift no
Overall Rating  3

 All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being

the highest.

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LaShan Gales is a single mom to a 5 year old miniature version of herself. When not responding to the calls of “mommy,” she works in the IT field as a Network Engineer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking, jewelry making and providing computer support tofriends and family.


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