Here’s What We’re Loving for Your Family This Month

By: Elena Epstein, Director of the National Parenting Product Awards; for more product reviews, visit

“Beyond the Bookcase”


PJ Library Presents Podcasts: “Afternoons with Mimi” and “Beyond the Bookcase”

Discover two new podcasts from the beloved organization that has shared free children’s books with Jewish values throughout the world. Well-known tales come to life in a fun new way that connects kids to Jewish traditions, culture, holidays and values. “Afternoons with Mimi” is designed for younger kids, and “Beyond the Bookcase” is suited for kids ages 6 to 12. Free,

“Afternoons with Mimi”


“The Lively Forest” written by Ginalina; illustrated by Kelley Wills

What do you see? What do you see? It’s “The Lively Forest” — wild and free. This book by award-winning children’s writer Ginalina presents a story on second nature rooted in the diversity of the West Coast forest biome and the joy of outdoor community. $15, ages birth-8,

The Lively Forest


“Little Hero’s Journal”

Children are guided through a 13-week journey of self-discovery. From daily challenges that promote developing new skills to the weekly habit tracker that helps them create routines, kids can use the “Little Hero’s Journal” to develop a growth mindset and self-esteem. $25, ages 7+,

Little Hero’s Journal


“You Are Magic”

Through the 15 songs on their debut album, “You Are Magic,” July Mees and her dad Jared explore the silly and sensitive sides of childhood. Dig deeper into emotions and explore concerns for modern kids through music. $10, ages 3-9,

“You are Magic”


Preschool Genius

This set of dry-erase activities and games offers a genius twist. The set has questions that give kids a deeper engagement with learning. $27.95, ages 3-6,

Preschool Genius


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