Help Your Infant Sleep Soundly

Tips Provided by: DC Baby Coach



1. Cluster feed (feed after the last nap of the day and before nighttime). Cluster feeding is an effective way to help your little one slowly increase their calories during the day and especially right before bed, for a longer and more restful night sleep.

2. For the first several months, swaddle tightly at first signs of sleepiness (yawning, scratching eyes, drifting off to sleep, etc.) and put down to naps/sleep on back not tummy. Swaddling is a wonderful soothing method and simulates a cozy womb. Also, it hinders the startle reflex, which can abruptly waken your little one.

3. Establish and maintain a daily bedtime routine before signs of sleepiness show (usually around 6pm-7pm). This includes bath, lotion, massage, diaper change, pajamas, darkening of the room, white noise, singing quiet lullabies, nighttime bottle, etc. Keep this consistent, slightly adjusting based on tiredness level and hunger.


4. During night time sleep (roughly around 7pm-7am) do not talk, make eye contact, dance, sing, or make any loud noises or movements when feeding or changing. This will help avoid waking your little one, and ensure a deeper sleep.

5. Use a white noise machine, humidifier, or fan for the entire duration of naps and nighttime sleeping. This will give a baseline of soothing noises and prevent sudden waking from household noises.

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