Great Tools for Winter Adventures

(StatePoint) It may be winter, but that’s no reason to put your outdoor adventures on hold. When you’re properly equipped, you may find you can brave all kinds of weather.

Stay safe, smart and warm with the following tools and gear:

• Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: Fabrics aren’t what they used to be. While long johns and other cool weather gear were once comprised of natural fabrics, such as cotton, textile engineering has taken true warmth to new frontiers. Be sure that you layer up the right way with moisture-wicking fabrics, which are designed to wick away moisture from the skin and allow it to dry rapidly. This is particularly essential for your base layer, as even in cold weather, you’re going to sweat when you are active, and your outermost layer which is in contact with the elements.

• Tough Tech: The latest rugged watches are standing up to the toughest conditions. Check out the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GG1000-1A8 from Casio, particularly if you like to get muddy. The watch, which is built to withstand extreme weather, boasts a cylindrical guard structure to prevent mud, dust, and debris from entering, as well as features that enhance button operation even when you’re wearing gloves. Twin sensor technology accurately determines compass bearing and temperature and each model comes equipped with such useful features as 200M water resistance, shock resistance, an auto super illuminator LED light, world time, alarms, a stopwatch, timer and more.

• Fire-Starting Gear: You may be a crackerjack at starting the campfire on balmy summer nights, but come winter, things can be a bit trickier. Be sure your pack includes a high-quality fire-starting kit that include long-burning, wind-resistant, waterproof matches, extra strikers and a durable, waterproof case.

• Hydration: Staying hydrated remains just as important as ever in cold weather. Whether you prefer a simple bottle set-up or a reservoir and tube you wear on your back, look for a hydration system specifically designed for winter weather that can withstand hot liquids and prevent your drinks from freezing.

If there are no limits and no off-season for you, be sure you have the necessary tools to make the most of your winter adventures.


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