Goods for the Goody Bag


Goody bags help make a party one to remember. They’re the sprinkles on the cupcake, the bee’s knees and the marshmallows in hot chocolate.

But this party planning staple isn’t just fun—it serves an important purpose.

Goody bags are a way to give back to party guests, and they give kids a way to
remember the party and keep a few pieces of that fun with them when they go.

Here are our top 10 must-haves for your child’s goody bag.

1. Organza bags
These semi-transparent mesh bags are usually used for wedding favors or jewelry, but they come in all kinds of colors. Their kid-friendly size and tied drawstring make them ideal goody bags. As a bonus, you can get more than 50 bags for less than $10.

2. Fidget fillers
Pop fidget toys, cubes and squishies are both fun and practical. These pocket-sized toys will stay with the kids, keep them busy and remind them of the party.

3. Mini rubber ducks
Rubber ducks are classic and collectible, but more importantly, they come in bulk and can be matched to your child’s party theme. From pirates to princesses, there’s a duck for you.

4. SPF lip balm
Help your child’s friends by protecting their skin and giving them a fun accessory. You’re never too young for skin care.

5. Stickers
Pick up hundreds of stickers for less than $10 online and put two or three in each bag. Try matching the stickers to the theme of the party.

6. Bubbles
Kids never really grow out of liking bubbles. Just remember that once one kid starts blowing bubbles, the rest will follow suit. Break out the bubbles outdoors.

7. Play-Doh or slime
Play-Doh is fun, nontoxic and entertaining, but for kids who are a little older (6-7), slime is a good alternative and comes in more colors—like metallic blue or galaxy for a space-themed party.

8. Finger puppets
These toys encourage imaginative play, storytelling and social development, but they’re also cute! Grab a pack or two of finger puppets and distribute them individually in each goody bag.

9. Fruit snacks
Instead of candies, try adding real fruit gummies to your bags. Fruit already has more than enough natural sugar to be tasty, and it beats candy for nutrition every time. Just remember to check with other parents ahead of time in case of food sensitivities.

10. Animal erasers
These cute little erasers can be a fun companion for kids when writing or drawing. Avoid giving these to children younger than 5, as many animal erasers have small parts that could be a choking hazard.


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