Getting Ready for Holiday House

Expecting houseguests over the holidays? These tips will get you ready for their visit and help them feel comfortable while they’re in town.

  • Keep a chart of your frequent guests’ special needs, including favorite food and drinks or any allergies. Such as lemon and tea for Nana, and caffeine-free soda for Papa.
  • Have candy in a little jar sitting in the living room. My mother used to do this, and our guests always loved it. Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of that Halloween candy!
  • Create a list of local points of interest – Things to do, place to see and tasty restaurants in your area with which you may entertain your guests. Include the location, phone #, hours of operation to make your agenda-making easier when guests are in town.
  • Leave the section of the paper with the “what’s happening in town” section in the night table. Just in case they want to get a flavor of what your city has to offer.
  • Put the your recent family photo album on a shelf in the guest room. It is a way for them to catch up on your life without you doing all the talking. This can be a very special and touching thing to do if this is a ‘first’ holiday without a loved one who is pictured in the album.”
And last but not least, the famous Houseguest Checklist!


Air room out

Fresh sheets on the bed

Extra blanket

Extra hangers

Empty drawers for clothes

Bedside lamp

Alarm clockRadio/TV





Fresh soap (shower and sink)


Toothpaste/new toothbrush

Toothbrush holder

Water glass


Tampons/sanitary napkins

Extra toilet paper

Hair dryer/comb

Tips adapted from Mom Central


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