Fun Foods For Kids (and Grownups!)

The Secret Life of Food

by Clare Crespo

For some, food is just something to eat. For Clare Crespo, food is an art form. Her latest cookbook, The Secret Life of Food, is a treasure trove of creative recipes. The categories alone are a sure source of excitement. Names like Plants and Insects, where tarantulas and spiders are the norm; to Summer Vacation where a Banana Dog goes hand-in-hand with Hawaiian Shirt Punch, these fun food ideas are a sure hit with kids and adults alike. Adorable and edible, Secret Life of Food is a fun and creative way to dress up your party with food that is a sure conversation piece. Published by Hyperion Books for Children and available in bookstores nationwide or online at .

Tiny Treats

Fun Foods to Make and Eat

American Girl

Looking for a fun way to keep girls busy in the kitchen in a creative and artistic way? Tiny Treats is a sure way to delight anybody who loves cute, and likes to eat what they create. Scaled down treats make a delightful conversation piece, fun garnish or even a display item! Every recipe is simple, easy to understand, and lets kids know when an adults’ help is needed. Almost no cooking is required – many of these tiny creations are made from pre-made cookies, crackers or candy. This fun collection of playful foods is part of the American Girl Collection and is available at bookstores nationwide or at

The Flour Pot Cookie Book

By: Margie and Abbey Greenberg

Margie and Abbey Greenberg, successful mother-daughter cookie decorating team is at it again – this time with a book designed to give the cookie baker insight into how to create artistic cookies of her own. The section on basic tools gives the baker the key to success; and tips on how to use fondant, the best way to pipe decorations on cookies and a list of suppliers insure that anyone who is interested in copying Greenberg’s creations will have happy results. These whimsical cookies will be a sure hit at your next family party, baby shower or birthday bash. Published by Running Press and available at bookstores nationwide or on the web .

SuperFoods for Babies and Children

By Annabel Karmel

Healthy, nutritious foods for babies and children are always the goal, but if the kids won’t eat it, it is a wasted effort. For anybody who has wrestled with a child to eat his vegetables, the book SuperFoods is the perfect solution. Annabel Karmel has done a wonderful job explaining the types of foods, their benefit and how to best incorporate them into your child’s diet. Starting with the first foods babies will eat at about 6 months of age, Karmel gives hints on what children like, how to best present the foods they eat and the nutritional needs of kids ages 6 months to 3-plus years. A special section on food allergies and how to prevent them is an invaluable resource for parents as well. Published by Atria Books and available at bookstores nationwide or online .

Baby and Toddler Meals

For Dummies

By: Dawn Simmons, Curt Simmons and Sallie Warren, MS, RD, LD

In order for babies to grow and thrive, proper nutrition is a must. Most parents find this a most daunting task, and very often the foods that are available are not necessarily the best choices for kids. Many are packed with sugar, fat and preservatives, and although kids seem to love them, as parents we want better. Enter the latest in a series of ‘Dummies’ books; this one with all the ins and outs of feeding kids from their first foods through age five. A special section with important tips about what kinds of foods are dangerous to feed children, techniques for freezing and storing foods, and techniques on how to pick out the freshest fruits and vegetables. 200 recipes give a storehouse of ideas, and the popular ‘Dummies’ format is easy to read and follow. Available in bookstores or online at


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