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No Drills! No Needles! No Numbness!

By: Dr. Kris Popli

The future of dentistry has changed. With dental laser technology, dentists can now perform most cavity preparations and many soft tissue procedures without using needles, anesthesia or the drill.

Laser light can be focused into a tiny point to do very fine precision work. The Waterlase® laser, which is driven by cold-water energy, can literally vaporize a cavity from a patient’s tooth without ever actually touching it. Since the laser does not produce any vibration or heat, there is no discomfort. Traditional surgical procedures involved the use of anesthetics, scalpels, and sutures, followed by a long and uncomfortable healing period. Lasers are gentle on gum tissue and prevent bleeding, so there is no swelling or scarring after a surgical procedure. The dental laser can also be used to reduce tooth sensitivity, remove canker sores, perform gum surgery and root canals.

HydrokineticTM energy is produced by firing laser energy into a spray of atomized water. This energized water is then capable of cutting a wide range of human tissue including enamel (the hardest substance in the body), bone, cartilage and soft tissue. Hydrokinetic cutting does not transmit heat to the target tissue whereas other modalities of cutting, such as a high speed dental drill, laser power and electro-cautery, create heat when cutting tissue. As everyone knows, heat causes pain. Hydrokinetic energy can perform numerous dental procedures with little or no pain, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia in most cases. This breakthrough technology improves your long-term oral health allowing the dentist to perform cavity preparations, gum surgery, and cosmetic and medical procedures without drills or numbness in 98% of cases.

It is recommended that children begin to visit the dentist regularly beginning at the age of three. Many adults have bad childhood memories of dental treatment. Now, children as young as three years are no longer afraid. Most patients who have experienced the dental laser are pleased with the results, claiming that it feels like water being sprayed on the teeth. A whole new generation of patients may never know the fear of needles and the shrill of the drill!

Laser technology has allowed dentists to treat patients more comfortably, efficiently, and with no additional expense to the patient. The costs associated with laser technology are offset by the elimination of anesthetic and reduction of doctor’s time. Insurance companies treat any dental procedure performed using the laser the same as any other technique. The laser has dramatically changed the way dentistry is practiced. Patients of all ages, children and adults, have been thrilled with this new state-of-the-art dental laser treatment! For more information on dental laser technology, please visit the Biolase web site  or contact the dental office of Dr. Kris Popli at (703) 448-8600.

” I was prepared for a couple of hours of drilling and needles, and not being able to eat or smile. But when I came in that day, I got through in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours without any numbness in my mouth. It was great! It’s certainly what I would choose again.” Bonnie Snow – Patient

Dr. Kris Popli was the 1st dentist in Northern Virginia to use the Waterlase laser in his practice. He performed a live procedure one of this patients on WUSA TV 9, and routinely shares his expertise with his patients and other dental professionals. He has been a family, cosmetic, orthodontic and laser dentist for 14 years! To experience the benefit of laser dentistry, please call (703) 448-8600.

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