Flowerpot Pen Holder

Flowerpot Pen Holder Craft

A terracotta plant pot holds a beautiful, decorated pen (the pen top is embedded in Plaster of Paris in the plant pot).  


Supplies needed:

·         Small, unglazed clay (terracotta) flowerpot

·         Plaster of paris

·         Large plastic bowl and stirrer (to mix the plaster)

·         A ballpoint pen with a top

·         Green paint

·         Paintbrush

·         Green florist tape

·         Tissue paper

·         Disposable rubber gloves

·         Hot glue gun and glue  


1.      Have an adult mix an amount of Plaster of Paris that will almost fill the flowerpot (use the directions on the package). Mix the plaster water in a sturdy container (a disposable plastic container is the easiest) – the plaster should be stiff but creamy. Do not mix the plaster with your hands – use a stick as a stirrer. Wear plastic gloves to protect your hands. Do not breathe in the plaster dust. Pour the plaster in the flowerpot. Before it hardens, push one or more pen tops into the plaster. (Note: the plaster hardens quickly.)

2.      When the Plaster of Paris hardens, paint it green.

3.      Decorate the pen to look like a flower (or use a green pen). First, wrap the pen with green florists’ tape.

4.      Make a tissue paper flower and glue it (using hot glue) to the end of the pen.

5.      Put the decorated pen in the flowerpot (place it in its own top). You now have a great gift for someone you care for.

For more crafts like this go to http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/thankyougifts/flowerpotpen/


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