Favorite Beach Stories

When we asked ourmoms about their favorite beach stories, we got tons of funny, precious, andsurprising stories. Here are a few of our favorites:


The Stealing Seagull

Toula: Three years ago, my familywas at Crane Beach up in New England…My sister had packed a great picnicfor all of us and we were just sitting down to eat lunch together. As I settledmy low chair into the sand, I held a half a sandwich in both hands. Suddenly, Ifelt a whack across my head and was turning around ready to yell, “HEY!What do you think you’re doing?” when I saw them..Two small feet swoopingup in the air. An aggressive seagull had flown down behind me, hit me hard andtaken a big bite-right in the MIDDLE of the sandwich -the best part, I mightadd.  I had to laugh afterwards,although my head still kinda hurt! Maybe it was my pride..


Sandcastle Mishaps

Carolyn: Wedon’t have a lot of beach stories, but my favorite is my husband’s from when hewas younger – he was building a sandcastle and a little boy came by, naked, andfilled his moat… without water!! 😉


First Time at The Beach

Jeannie: We took our 2year old to the beach for the first time this year and it was wonderful to seeall her first expressions of the water, sand, and playing with the tiny crabs:)


Itchy Issues

Dana: We went toVA beach last week and the first day we spent 6 hours in the water because itwas my daughter’s first time boogie boarding. But every few minutes we wouldscratch furiously and we assumed it was the sand or something. Come to find outthere was sea lice that day!! It started becoming painful towards the end withconstant scratching and everyone around was scratching with no shame! When weleft we heard the lifeguards telling people why everyone was itching. Luckilyafter washing off with fresh water it al went away. Then we came back the nextday and there were jellyfish everywhere! It may not sound funny, but mydaughter and I laughed when it was over and made the best of the situation. Atleast the ocean air made our allergies better!


Attack of the Seagulls

Andrea:Isabella was feeding goldfish to seagulls at the beach when a red eyed seagullpecked at another one next to him trying to snatch his pray. Isabella felt theneed to defend the attacked seagull and threw goldfish at the red eyedattacker.

Favorite Beach Toy

LeeAnne:One of our favorite beach toys is the Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Maker =)






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