Father’s Day Gifts

These fun Father’s Day Crafts will give Dad useful and sentimental gifts while creating tons of family fun.


Thisyear, help your kids make Dad a gift he’ll use every day. Head toyour favorite pottery-making place (we love Clay Cafe Studios!) andhave them make Dad a “#1 Dad” coffee mug for his mornings. OnSunday, have them deliver Dad his morning joe in his new present.



Dad’sBest Recipe

Askyour children to pick one meal that Dad is great at making. Then, askyour kids to use markers or crayons and draw their favorite Dad Dishon a white piece of paper. Next, ask them how they think Dad makesthe food and write their version of the recipe under the drawnpicture of Dad’s Dish. After that, head to a copy shop (call ahead tosee if they do iron-ons) with the paper and have an iron-on transfermade (maybe do it at 50% of the size). Then, iron it on at home to adishtowel so he can always remember how to make their favorite dish.




Everytime Dad opens the fridge to grab an ice cold drink this summer,remind him of how much you love him with family photo magnets. Printyour fave photo of the family and make it into a magnet! We love thispoloroid-like one from Zazzle



DadRocks Paperweight

Helpyour child find a small rock (about the size of the palm of yourhand), clean and wash it, and write “Dad Rocks” in colorfulpaint. Decorate it with glitter glue and spray with acrylic sealerspray after it dries.

Things to Buy Dad

For afew ideas from AskMen.com, check out their Top 10 Fathers Day GiftsList!



Someideas adapted from Kaboose.com




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