Family Game Night

By AmyCarney Bevins


For some families, game night is a long standing tradition. For others,it is a newly launched event. Whether you keep it simple and play with just yourfamily, or make it a multi-family event, finding games that involve players ofall ages and having a mix of competitive, team, and cooperative games allowseveryone to play for enjoyment. Plan for a mix of strategy, verbal, logic, andsilly games to play to everyone’s individual strengths. If most of your familyloves a game of cutthroat Hearts, branch out and occasionally slip in game ofPictionary. If you are all confirmed Yatzee players, give the strategicchallenge of Blokus a try. Just getting your little ones started on games? Gobeyond Candyland and Old Maid with a cooperative game of Caterpillar Race.


Whatever your game style, there are many options for making Family GameNight a regular event. Here are few to add to your next game time.


ScrambledStates of America(10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

It’s a jumbled mix-up in the US of A. Help unscramble the states byusing clues to get them home. This fast-paced card game will have the wholefamily laughing and learning as they race to secure the most state cards towin.

Ages: 8+

Approximatecost:  $15.99

Awards: OppenheimToy Portfolio Gold Award, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Parents’Choice Approved, Dr. Toy’s Top 100 Children’s Products, Parenting for HighPotential Recommended, Creative Classroom Teacher Tested Tools & Toys,NAPPA Honors



Get on your feet and ready to roll. Rollors is fabulous fun for thewhole family. With a nod to Bocce and horseshoes, Rollors’ unique twists bringa new dimension to active games. While simple to play, by rolling thesmoothly-sanded wooden disks closest to the target to score points, the doublesided-scoring and elements of skill and luck make this a hugely popular game.Everything tucks neatly into the storage case, making Rollors perfect for thebackyard, park, picnic, or vacation and the hit of any outdoor event.

Ages: 5+

Approximatecost:  $35

Awards:Major Fun Award, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Products and Top 10Active Toy Awards, Creative Child Seal of Excellence


Hoot OwlHoot

Six little owls have been playing in the forest, but they need to hurryhome to before the sun rises. In this cooperative game, players work togetherto beat the sun and to get all of the owls safely back their nests. Throughthis charming game, kids learn problem solving, cooperation, simple strategy,turn taking, and more. Hoot Owl Hoot is a delightful early learning game.

Ages: 4+

Approximatecost:  $16

Awards:Oppenheim Platinum Award, Parents’ Choice SilverAward, Major Fun Award, Dr. Toy 100 Best Products and Best Green Products, DisneyFamilyFun Toy of the Year


Super fast, super fun. Get family game night up and moving. Kick, tap,pass, think, and win. Speed Slider has 5 game options with varying difficultylevels. The electronic “puck” slides across the floor, keeps score, and givescommands in games like Keep Away, Memory Slider, and Speed Pass.Play, learn, and score with Speed Slider.

Ages: 6+

Approximatecost:  $19.99

Awards:  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, FamilyFun Toy ofthe Year, Creative Child Game of the Year



SayAnything Family Edition

What would you say if you could Say Anything? This uproarious game ofcreativity and hilarity will have the entire family involved as players try to createthe best answers to questions like, “What doesn’t taste better with ketchup,”“What would my pet say about me if it could talk,” and “ Which book characterwould I want to be?” For older groups, the original Say Anything keeps the laughterrolling and the party hopping.

Ages: 8+

Approximatecost:  $19.99

Awards: Brilliant Sky Brilliance Award, Creative Child Game of theYear, Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval, The Toy Man Seal ofExcellence and eChoice Award, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval,What the Stuff 5 Star Award




It’s playtime at the pond and duck, rabbit, bear, and frog are makingrainbow colored droplets splash everywhere. To play, roll the dice, drop thepebble into the pond, and match any colorful droplets that splash out to spaceson the game board. Splish Splash also has a cooperative game play version,making this a wonderful early learning game. Simple to learn and quick to play,Splish Splash invites the youngest family members in join in game night.

Ages: 4+

Approximatecost:  $14.99

Awards: NationalParenting Center Seal of Approval,  Dr.Toy’s Best New Products Picks,  TillywigSterling Fun Award, Play Advances Language (PAL) Award


Double Duel

Ding dong. Honk, honk. Boing. Ding. Can you be the first to buzz in withthe answer in this hilarious homophone duel? Challenge your mind and yourreaction speed as you solve linguistic challenges. The crazy buzzer sounds andhigh energy elevate Double Duel from a learning tool to game night family fun.

Ages: 7+

Approximatecost:  $27.99

Awards: OppenheimToy Portfolio Platinum Award, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product, NationalAssociation for Gifted Children’s (NAGC) Honorable Mention, Good Housekeeping’sBest Toy Award



Amy Carney Bevins ( a freelance writer, Associate Editor and Toy Expert for FAMILY Magazine, aneducator and founder/owner of Chantilly Chefscooking classes for children and adults. She has been featured on WUSA9, NBC,, AOL Video and



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