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Change. It’s something you either love or loathe, but one thing is for certain: Change means growth. January has always been known as the month for change. As we excitedly shouted out the countdown and watched the ball drop, we immediately had tunnel vision on how we were going to better ourselves in the New Year. And now, here we are — one full month into working on our resolutions. How have you been keeping on track?

Maybe you’ve made it to the gym, completed one round of Whole30 or cut out your daily three cups of coffee. Or maybe, more commonly than you’d think, you only lasted a week or two… or haven’t even started working on your new goals yet. But guess what? That’s OK! Our biggest personal changes don’t have to promptly start on Jan. 1. And if we drop the ball on our resolutions after only a couple of weeks, it doesn’t mean we’ve already failed for the rest of the year.

Here’s how I see it: We’re not all on the same schedule. There’s always going to be a new day, a new week, a new month. There’s no reason to not pick up and start again at any point that works for you. Make it your moment for growth and a new beginning. Make Feb. 1 your perfect starting point.

Whatever moment you choose, don’t let it stress you. Any type of change can bring on stress, so learn how to manage and overcome it on pg. 22. And nothing raises the spirit quite like surrounding yourself with the people you love. So grab your loved ones and check out one of our family-friendly Valentine’s Day outings on pg. 36. Just remember, change begins on your own clock. You can always pick up and start anew any day, any time.

For Washington FAMILY, that time is now. As of this month, we are now proudly owned by Mid-Atlantic Media, which also publishes Baltimore’s Child, Baltimore STYLE, Consumer’s Eye, Home Services, Baltimore Jewish Times and Washington Jewish Week. We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative and dynamic team.

From Sylvia Witaschek, our Associate Publisher, “We are pleased to be part of Mid-Atlantic Media and look forward to growth through collaborative efforts with our sister publications.”

And grow we will. With more opportunities and a bigger, highly creative team, we will be able to provide you with more content and an even higher quality magazine each month. And more importantly, we will still continue to provide you with the best local, timely and relevant family resources you rely on — but better.

So for us, great change begins now. But for you, our loyal readers: It’s always a good time for change — even in February.

To new beginnings,

Britni Petersen

Managing Editor

Washington FAMILY Magazine

[email protected]

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