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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and love and romance are in the air! Seeing as I got engaged this past September, my FAMILY co-workers agreed it was only fitting I write this month’s blog and share my proposal story.

My boyfriend, Alex, and I went on a European vacation in late September for about two weeks. Our first stop was Vienna, Austria, then we traveled to Munich for Oktoberfest, then Prague and lastly, Berlin. Prague had always been my dream vacation spot, but after almost 10 miles of walking from the Prague Castle, accidently crashing a monastery’s gallery opening, and getting lost in Petrin Hill, I was utterly exhausted.

Alex wanted to see one last place and I reluctantly obliged. We arrived at Vrtba Garden, and not to sound ungrateful, but after almost two weeks of traveling through Europe, the castles and gardens start to look very similar to each other. I plopped down on the nearest stoop while Alex took pictures. Behind me was a spiral staircase leading up to a balcony. I asked Alex, “What’s up there?” and he replied, “Let’s go find out.”

It took me a minute to stand, but I mustered the energy. When I reached the top of the stairs, I saw a small white triangular table, a champagne bottle, two champagne flutes and a bouquet of flowers. I didn’t think it was for me, since Alex had been by my side the entire time. (Unless he’s secretly Superman flying around and I don’t know!)

Nevertheless, the table ended up being for me. He turned to me, grabbed my hands, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I obviously wouldn’t be writing this if I had said, “no!” After I realized what just happened, I looked at the stunning view which overlooked the city and finally my ring (which was a temporary fill-in, since we were traveling, but had “will you marry me?” engraved on the inside).

As much as I hate to admit, I started crying — the ugly face crying too. When I composed myself, I turned to my fiancé and asked, “how?” He smiled and told me he’d started planning this day months in advance — before we even knew we were going on vacation. After we finalized our vacation plans, he hired a company that specializes in proposals and asked both of my parents’ permission before we went on the trip.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also made special dinner reservations at the Chateau Tower, which consisted of a three-course menu, a personal waiter, music (the amazing Whitney Houston), a rose-pedaled spiral staircase with candles and a 360-degree view of Prague. It was beyond anything I could dream for my proposal. Prague has a naturally romantic, mystical atmosphere to it and I am so lucky to have someone who would go to such lengths to make it so memorable.

To top it off, the next day was my birthday, spent with my wonderful fiancé in my dream city. What more could a girl ask for? I realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing proposal story, so thank you for indulging me in sharing it.

No matter where you are or what your situation, I wish you all love, adventure and surprises. Whether you’re swept off your feet by a romantic proposal, or just told “I love you” by someone special, I hope you feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

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