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“It’s that time of year.”

How often do we say this as the school calendar winds down in late May and June? From field trips to field days, choir concerts to awards assemblies, “promotion ceremonies” to real graduations, we rush from one end-of-the-year event to the next. And don’t forget the teacher’s gift and the rub-on tattoos for the class party!

And then, hard to believe, another school year has passed. You can still remember when he was a nervous kindergartner, and now he’s heading off to the mysterious world of middle school – and lockers! Wasn’t it just a year or so ago that she was an awkward “tweener”? Now she’s a confident young lady packing for college.

Yes, for parents, time is marked on a September-to-June calendar more so than a January-to-December one. That leaves us July and August to relax, reflect, regroup. And to worry about how we’re going to get the kids away from the video games!

As you settle into your summer routine this year, we’re delighted to bring you an expanded feature in Washington FAMILY to help you navigate the crazy world of parenthood. Our “Best for FAMILIES” section is an annual favorite, but we’ve taken steps this year to make it more useful for readers and to better highlight the people, places, businesses and events that rise to the top.

For the first time, voting this year was conducted solely online, and readers could both nominate and vote for their favorites in a variety of categories. From Best Allergy or Asthma Doctor to Best Petting Zoo (hmmm, is there a connection here?), we received more than 3,000 different nominations. Overall, nearly 2,000 DMV residents participated in the survey, casting more than 16,000 individual votes for their favorites.

The winners in each category are listed in this month’s issue, along with a number of runners-up who either received a significant number of votes or were very close to winning. Admittedly, this is not a scientific survey. But it does reflect the views and opinions of a large number of our fellow parents. When average people take time out of their busy schedules to participate in a process such as this, it says something positive about their belief in and support of the businesses, people and organizations that received votes.

If your favorites didn’t make the list this year, be sure to vote next year! For all the Best for FAMILIES updates, join our online FAMILY. We have Best for FAMILIES up on our website all year long – While you’re there, be sure to sign up for our weekly e-NEWS so you don’t miss next year’s survey and nomination process. And of course, keep reading the magazine for updates about the 2016 voting.

In the meantime, as you read about the winners in this month’s magazine, you will be able to spot many of them around town, as they will be receiving certificates, window clings, and, in some cases, banners and plaques to display and proclaim that they are, indeed, “Best for FAMILIES 2015.”

So as the craziness of late spring melts into the lazy, hazy days of summer, we hope you’ll peruse this list and take the time to try out a new business, explore a new place or experience a new event. Congratulate them on being selected “Best for FAMILIES.” And don’t forget to vote next year!

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