FAMILY Blog: A Tribute to Moms

We know all moms work hard to provide for their families and make the future a brighter place for their children. They give endless hugs and kisses, manage the family calendar, drive countless carpools, chaperone field trips and cheer from the sidelines at their kids’ many sporting events. They are a shoulder to cry on and our biggest cheerleader. To show our gratitude and recognition, Washington FAMILY Magazine has dedicated our May issue to honoring some amazing local mothers.

My own mother set such a high standard of motherhood. I work every day to create the same secure and special environment she did. Her never-ending support and energy still make me realize she’s the one person I want to call for advice.

My mom will always be my role model when navigating this crazy game of motherhood. Her ever-echoing voice in my head reminds me my three little boys are my greatest gift. When I call my mom to share a story, she always reminds me to see the good in everyone and everything.

She also taught me the meaning of hard work. I watched her stain furniture, make us dresses for special occasions, paint our bedrooms and hang wallpaper. As a perfectionist, I saw her struggle to allow us to make our projects our own. It took all of her strength not to comment that we added too much glue or the lines weren’t straight. She cringed a little watching us do our own laundry and make our own beds. She lived in fear that we would overload the washing machine and flood the house!

But, in the end, she taught us to not bother doing things if we weren’t going to do them the right way. I, too, struggle to find the balance of teaching my own children to do things independently when I can do them faster and neater. But I remember how my mom made me a stronger, more capable person by letting me learn on my own.

My best childhood memories are the simple things my mom did for us and with us. Like the smell of homemade chocolate pudding as we walked through the door after school, stopping for ice cream on the way home on warm days, spending time with just my sisters and mom biking down the C&O Canal and paddle boating at Lake Needwood. As a mother, I try to replicate the simple things that brought me so much joy and obviously left a lasting memory.

My mom has taught me the enormity of being a mother — a job of endless hours without a paycheck, sick days or holiday leave. Although I may complain, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I could never bear the thought of someone else wiping away their tears or being there to hear about their school day.

I cherish overhearing their imagination explode as they play in the basement, and love watching them create a fort made out of pillows, stuffed animals and blankets. Everyone has warned me these precious days will go by too quickly; as the saying goes, the days are LONG, but the years are SHORT.

I wish all of you moms a very happy Mother’s Day. We know you don’t hear it nearly enough, but a huge “thank you” for all you do, on Mother’s Day and every day!

Julie Turco

Account Executive

Washington FAMILY Magazine

[email protected]


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