Egg Cup Insects

By: Amanda Formaro

Difficulty: Easy

Age: 5 and up

Let your imagination run wild when making these cute little egg cup insects. Kids can use whatever colors they like to create their own fun designs!

What you’ll need:

•    Cardboard egg carton

•    Scissors

•    Paint: colors of your choice

•    Chenille stems: colors of your choice

•    Craft knife, small scissor, or sharp pencil

•    White craft glue

•    Medium and large pom-poms

•    Wiggle eyes

How to make it:

1.    Have an adult cut egg cups out of egg carton and trim clean. Paint in various colors of your choice and let dry.

2.    While egg cups are drying, create insect wings by cutting and bending chenille stems into various different shapes.

3.    Have an adult use a small scissor, sharp pencil, or craft knife to poke a hole in each side of the egg cup, insert wings into the holes. If you want the wings farther back on the body, poke the holes closer together.

4.    Turn egg cup upside down and bend ends of chenille stems against the side of the cup to help hold them in place.

5.     Using two large pom-poms for heads or one medium pom-pom for bulging eyes, glue them to the fronts of the egg cups.

6.    Use skinny chenille stems for legs and antennae. Antennae can be glued right to the pom-pom head. Legs can be inserted in the sides of the egg cup in the same fashion as the wings.

7.    Glue on wiggle eyes on the pom-poms to complete the face.


1.    You can decorate your insects even more by adding polka dots. Just dip the handle end of a paintbrush into a contrasting color of paint and dot on.

2.    Foam egg cups can be used as well, but the cardboard soaks up the paint better though.

3.    Colored wiggle eyes are available at your local craft supply store.

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