Editor’s Picks: High-tech tag, inspiring tales for ‘rebel girls’ and more

By Elena Epstein, Director of the National Parenting Product Awards

Story Time Chess

Teaches chess to young children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces and a unique chessboard. No chess experience is required for parents or children. Makes learning to play simple and fun. $39.99, ages 3+, storytimechess.com

“The Hero of Compassion: How Lokeshvara Got One Thousand Arms”

A retelling of a classic Asian Buddhist tale of compassion and resilience that teaches us that even when we feel overwhelmed by the suffering we see in the world, we can still find creative ways to help those around us. $18.95, ages 4-8, shambhala.com

Dino Puzzle Games for Toddlers

Match shapes and patterns, find colors while enhancing imagination, logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Hundreds challenges come in five fun puzzle modes with ascending difficulty levels. Free, ages 2-4, apps.apple.com

GiiKER Super Blocks

An interactive handheld console for jigsaw puzzles. Explore over 1000 leveled-up games with learning modes and time-limited challenges. Helps develop cognitive skills, concentration, spatial insights and logical reasoning. $56.99, ages 6+, amazon.com

Cool Maker Stitch N’ Style Fashion Studio

An all-in-one fashion studio that includes an innovative cartridge thread system and automatic sewing sensors to make sewing safe and easy. Customize your designs with unique prints that are magically applied with water. $34.99, ages 8+, spinmaster.com

Cake-N-Bake Challenge

Bring the excitement of cooking shows into the game room. A fast-paced, color-matching, cake-building game where the fastest baker wins. Complete with colorful, textured foam cake slices and icing cards. $29.99, ages 4+, amazon.com

Purse Pets Print Perfect 

Interactive purses that really blink and respond to touch. Features new trendy designs and stylish details with over 30 new sounds and reactions. $26.99, ages 5+, spinmaster.com


“Everything Changes”

A beautiful exploration of impermanence that explores every corner of the world, from rolling fields in Tibet to the cozy, fireplace-lit living room of a family member’s home. Reminds children that everything changes no matter where you are or who you are, and that’s all right. $17.95, ages 3-7, shambhala.com

“Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers”

Celebrates barrier-breaking activists, artists, inventors and entrepreneurs under the age of 30 leading the next generation of girls to change the world. Includes a foreword by conservationist and book subject Bindi Irwin and features work by creators aged 11 to 30 including 13 contributing authors and original illustrations from 84 artists from around the world. $35, ages 6-12, rebelgirls.com

Pixobitz Studio

Magically transform your custom designs into 3D creations by using a spray of water. Decorate with the included PVA accessories. $29.99, ages 6+, spinmaster.com


A comical group of cats with a passion for…sitting. Inspired by the #ifitsisits meme. Made with squishable material that are ready to puff out and grow. $9.99, ages 4+, walmart.com

KidiGo NexTag

More than just tag—it’s a high-tech spin on 20 different backyard games including capture the flag, freeze tag and hide-and-seek. All you need are the four included electronic units and adjustable arm bands. $44.99, ages 5+, vtechkids.com

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