Editor’s Letter: Banishing Boredom

beat boredom this winter
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I recently read an article in The New York Times that makes the case for letting children play outside all winter. They’ll enjoy themselves, the writer explains, as long as they have suitable clothing, activities to keep them moving and plenty of snacks.

Now, my kids are happy to bundle up if there’s snow on the ground, but as the temperature drops, so does their enthusiasm for being outside. Even if I can manage to convince them to run around in the yard for an hour or so every day, winter is long. Without the possibility of indoor playdates to pass the time, am I doomed to listen to my boys whine that they’re bored until spring?

After working with the editorial team on January’s cover story, “Indoor Family Fun” (page 9), I’m feeling a little less concerned about the potential for cabin fever. Our guide offers inventive ways to entertain the kids at home, from building the ultimate arts and crafts closet to picking the perfect game for family game night. When combined with some outdoor play, these activities are sure to keep little ones busy and, most importantly, happy.

Looking ahead to warmer weather, our January issue also explores what summer camp might look like across the region (page 18). Jennifer Marino Walters spoke to camp directors and local parents about how they dealt with COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 and what they are planning to do in 2021.

Finally, I’m excited to introduce two new departments in this issue: Parent You Should Know (page 8) and My Turn (page 35). If you’d like to nominate a mom or dad for Parent You Should Know or submit a personal essay on parenting for My Turn, please email me at [email protected].

Indeed, 2020 was the most challenging year many of us have ever experienced. While hope is on the horizon, let’s all continue to wear masks, wash our hands and take care of one another.

Happy reading!

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PJ Feinstein is the editor of Washington FAMILY and the mother of two elementary school-age boys.

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