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When I became a mom, all of a sudden I had to make choices that affected a little tiny human, not just myself. This made me increasingly aware of how many harmful, nasty substances are used in all sorts of common food and personal care products. I was bombarded by articles and blog entries warning of these things and suggesting healthy, wholesome alternatives. One company that came up quite frequently as an alternative was Earth’s Best. We have been buying their food products for several years and were excited to check out their latest additions, as well as other products available for families.

Since snack time seems to be all the time, let’s first talk about all the yummy, organic options available from Earth’s Best. My kiddos love the Sesame Street Organic Crunchin’ Crackers in the veggie flavor (they also come in cheddar, which we need to try) and the vanilla Letter of the Day cookies for a sweet option. My son loves showing my 2 -year-old daughter each cookie and trying to teach her letters, an added educational bonus!

They didn’t care for the Organic Crunchin’ Grahams sticks. I tried them as well, and found them to have a slightly bland taste.

My daughter enjoyed several of the pouches, including a blueberry breakfast oatmeal that was a great source of fruit and whole grains. Earth’s Best has a large line of certified organic baby foods in glass jars and pouches that meet the needs of all feeding stages, available in almost any fruit or vegetable imaginable. My children always loved the combination pouches, but single fruit or veggie options are available as well.

We have moved out of the formula phase, but I would highly recommend checking out the Earth’s Best brand to anyone who is formula feeding. It’s organic, contains DHA and ARA for brain and eye development and is iron fortified. They also have a sensitive type, which is the first certified organic sensitive formula and is made with ingredients that ease digestion for sensitive tummies. Most importantly, their formula does not contain a list of scary, hard to pronounce or recognize ingredients sometimes found in other brands. I wish I had known about it when we were supplementing!

If you are looking for products to keep your baby’s skin protected from irritation, Earth’s Best has you covered for these needs as well. Their line of diapers is 100 percent chlorine free and comes in seven sizes. We received a smaller size and shared them with a friend, who was happy to try them out. They seemed to contain any leaks and were very gentle on her baby’s sensitive skin.

We were able to try out the Sensitive Baby Wipes, which are chlorine and alcohol free, unscented and hypo-allergenic. My toddler’s bum has never been softer! I was skeptical that they would make a difference, but the oat oil, vitamin A & E and aloe really made a difference in keeping her from getting red/irritated and chapped. My hands also seemed to benefit, and I noticed they got softer and I was not doing anything else differently! The cloth-like material was very soft and thick, and even the biggest messes only needed one or two wipes.

Earth’s Best strives to provide products that are “better for baby” and seeks out the freshest and purest ingredients, according to their website. I found it very reassuring, reading through their mission statement and product descriptions/ingredients. I am not always a connoisseur of organic products, but I will do anything that makes my babies safe and healthy. Earth’s Best takes some of the worry out of parenting by providing a plethora of options from newborn through childhood phases. Check them out next time you are at the store and looking for pure, organic choices!

Earth’s Best Baby and Toddler Products

Made by Earth’s Best Organics

Available at major retailers and grocery stores (Target, Walmart, Wegmans, Giant, etc.)

Prices vary based on product and size


Taste: 4

Ease of use/serving: 5

Nutritional Value: 5

Easy to use/prepare: 5

I would purchase this product: Yes

Overall rating: 5

Baby Care Products

Smell: 3

Ease of Use: 5

Effectiveness: 5

Skin Irritant: Not at all

I would purchase this product: Yes

I would give this product as a gift: Yes

Overall rating: 5

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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