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All parents have been there and done that (or will be there and do that) when it comes to babies and teething. It is a less than pleasant experience for anybody involved. Babies become irritable, sore and may even come down with a fever from having everything (mainly dirty little fingers) entering their mouths. Relieving their aches and pains from teething is tough and as a parent; you want to make your baby better, and quick!

My one year old twins have had terrible aches and pains from teething and are are often inconsolable during these moments. They drool all over the place and want to chew on anything they get their hands on, from fingers to measuring cups.

I have purchased the ring shaped, solution filled and frozen teethers and have tried to get them to use them to no avail. They try to stuff the rings in their mouths and only get more frustrated and cranky when the ring itself doesn’t reach the part of the gum that is aching and gets in the way of the relief.

I have heard of the trusted manufacturer  Dr. Brown’s, notorious bottles and pacifiers and we have even owned some of their training cups, so when I heard they make teethers designed by a pediatric dentist, I knew I had to give them a try. We tried the Coolees Soothing Teether and the Orthees Transition Teether.

The Coolees Soothing Teether is comically shaped like a watermelon slice and fit perfectly into my little one’s mouth. She was able to manipulate it in her mouth and put the tip right on the sore gum and joyfully chomp away! The watermelon design with a wider bottom made it easy for her to hold as well.

 My little pacifier baby was handed the Orthees Transition Teether shaped like a pacifier. The handle of the Orthees teether was easy for her tiny hands to grip and in no time she fit it in her mouth and moved it every which way to soothe her gums. The Orthees teether has ridges on the base which I am guessing feel like a mini massage in the mouth because she kept scraping it along her gums…or maybe she just liked the sound it made?

Both girls seemed to be enjoying the teethers until my oldest twin got a hold of the Orthees. At that point, neither of them wanted the Coolees, even after I sweetened the watermelon with cooled yogurt. It was a full blown war zone and I had to put both teethers away; which worked out great because I was able to slip them in the freezer to see how they hold up once they are cold.

The teethers are both freezer and dishwasher safe; which helps with the cooling relief and killing those pesky germs. Once they were nice and cold, I introduced the teethers again and the girls seemed to take to them quickly. They would each put the teethers down on the floor in little spurts because they were making their fingers cold, but overall, they were enjoying the cool sensation on their gums.

At $4.99 for the watermelon-shaped Coolees and $5.99 for the pacifier-shaped Orthees, I think they are both a great buy and do exactly what they claim to do, which is soothe sore gums. That said, and knowing how my daughters reacted to each one individually and how both girls gravitated to the Orthees, I would personally invest the extra dollar and go with the Orthees instead.

Manufacturer: Dr. Brown’s

Price: Coolees – $4.99; Orthees – $5.99


Durability  5
Ease of Use
Comfort  5
 I would purchase this for my child  yes
 I would purchase this as a gift  yes
Overall rating

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

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