Dr. Brown’s Divided Plates and Spatula Spoons


Plates and Spoons Are Colorful and Sturdy

The Dr. Brown’s divided plates are made from thick plastic and with their non-skid base are really sturdy.  The plates have three sections that hold just the right amount for toddlers.  Each section has a large colored dot on the bottom, so you could challenge your slow or picky eater toddler to eat until they find the dot.

I have to admit that the spatula spoons seemed a bit strange to me when Ifirst saw them.  Could these actually work to get food out of baby foodjars and bowls?  But after use I found them very effective.  And the spatula works well to wipe food from baby’s face as well.  

I think these would be a bit tricky for a toddler learning to self-feed with a spoon because the handle is quite long and even a little pointed at one end, but for the parent-spoon-feeding-infant stage these spoons work well.

Dr. Brown Divided Plates and Spatula Spoons

Price: Plates- $5.99 for 2; Spoons- $4.99 for 4


 Durability  5
 Ease of use  4
 Comfort  4
 I would purchase this for myself/child  yes
 I would purchase this as a gift  yes
 Overall rating  4

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest.

For more Dr. Brown’s products visit www.handi-craft.com.

Meet the Reviewer!

Janice Richardson is an elementary

school teacher turned stay-at-home

mom of three energetic little ones,

ages 4, 2 and 5 months.  She enjoys

playing with her family, being outdoors,

and eating chocolate.  Janice blogs

about some of the activities she and her

children enjoy at babybrainstorm.blogspot.com

One of her goals is to someday visit

each of the 50 states and each continent.


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