Docking Station

A Whale of a Gadget: This Docking Station Is a High 5

The Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail by Octa adds a flexible, whale-tail shaped stand to the back of your iPad, tablet, e-reader or netbook so you can prop up your device in most any position.

At first glance the Octa looks way too simple to be as useful as it really is. I hadn’t seen a suction cup mount like this. I was skeptical for five whole minutes before I started to fall in gadget love. The half-sphere mount attaches to smooth surfaces with a palm-sized suction cup. Giving the sphere five pumps, which is a weirdly fun process, creates a seemingly unbreakable bond. The rubberized sphere gives you a perfect hand hold with great grip. The flexible, soft rubber WhaleTail attachment looks exactly as it’s named, and attaching it to the mount gives you a nice flexible stand.

The WhaleTail is stable in both landscape and portrait modes and is fully adjustable to any angle. It has a low profile making it perfect for small spaces like a kitchen cabinet. I personally like doing dishes while streaming video myself.

The real beauty of this dock/stand is its versatility. The suction dock locks onto any device made by any manufacturer, and can be used anytime or anyplace. All you need is a smooth surface. Without a doubt this is the most useful mount and stand I have ever used.

Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail by Octa

Price: $49.99

 Durability  5
 Ease of Use  4
 Appealed to My Child(ren)  yes
 Appealed to Adults  yes
 Other Materials Were Required to Assemble  no
 Easy to Assemble  yes
 I Would Purchase This for My Family  yes
 I Would Purchase This as a Gift  yes
 Instructions Were Easy to Follow  yes
 Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

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