Developing a Tight Knit Family

Strengthen your family’s bond with these fun activities and tips below!

Talk about Family History

Have a family night with no television – instead, lay out refreshments and snacks and talk about where you come from. This is an opportunity to teach your children that everyone is different and those differences make us beautiful individuals. It is also a great way to teach your children about coping with different prejudices and hardships that their parents may had to face.

Grow Herbs Together

Make a note of what vegetables and herbs that your family often uses and grow them yourselves! Give everyone a task in taking care of the garden, and then reap the rewards when it’s time to harvest. Yummy!

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Sit down in the living room and have the family share their personal stash of pictures – kids especially love to see images of their parents/guardians when they were younger, and it provides you the opportunity to share stories of your youth.

Current Events Discussion

Discuss current events with your family when ever you have the chance (in the car, while eating breakfast, etc.). Get their thoughts on what’s happening in the world today, and explain to them how the news applies to their own lives. This opens the door to open communication and shows your children that their thoughts matter.

Game On!

Establish a game night one night a week (or once every two weeks) and play some of your favorites. Maybe agree to make the winner’s favorite treats after the game. That way, everyone wins!

Go Team!

Kids love belonging to a team, so show your support. Make sure your partner and yourself attend the majority of your shared children’s sports games, spelling bees and other organized teams. It will show your children that you love and support them (even when they may not get that trophy or ribbon for the spelling bee).

Learn Something New

Are you a whiz with the camera? Do you throw pots like a professional? Why not show your kids your special talent? Not only will they learn a new skill, but they may find a new passion they never would have known about otherwise!

Share the Love

The last key to having a tight knit family is showing verbal and non-verbal love affirmation (saying I love you, kissing their cheeks, hugs, etc.). This helps children build their confidence and a have higher sense of worth.

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