Decorating for Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year where you want to make your loved ones realize how much you care for them. Valentine’s Day is not only about heart shaped chocolates, designer boxes, roses or full-room redecoration, but also about creating small love reminders in your house. If you haven’t shopped for Valentine’s Day yet, or are looking for ideas on how to rekindle that romantic fire, here are some easy tips to get started:

1. A romantic room is not only created by the use of reds, blacks or pinks. Forget about the idea of big chandeliers, pendants or expensive lamps – a playful and flirty room can also be achieved by adding layers of dim and diffused lighting. Try creating different levels of light by using ball and pillar candles of different heights together.


2. Good fragrance not only rejuvenates, but arouses the senses and soul. A good option is to stay with unscented candles, but use a good aromatic diffuser for the room. You can also use linen spray’s for a fresh feel and smell.

3. Adding small decorative accents can make the most mundane space become special. To symbolize a close relationship, try placing decorative items in pairs.


4. According to Chinese astrology, the Snake sign symbolizes beautiful people who exhibit sexual appeal. They are sleek, seductive and if they desire you, will put a spell on you that won’t let you stop thinking about them. Therefore, if your birth year falls into the Snake sign category, try to play with some touches of faux snake skin in your bedroom.

5. Try introducing rich and luxurious fabrics like velvets and brocades in darker shades of red, green and black. Finish off the look by adding perfect shimmer to your room with golden color.

6. A good pillow is not only for resting one’s head, but is also perfect for spicing up your space. Try getting creative with pillows by choosing bold and beautiful patterns instead of solid colors.


7. Throughout history, lovers have used flowers as a token of love and devotion. Everyone loves fresh flowers, but if you are worried about the soaring prices of roses, there are alternative options. Try investing in faux natural floral decorations, as they are cheaper and everlasting.


8. Don’t limit your imagination by placing the flower petals on the floor or bed. Add some drama to the plain walls by having fun with wall decor. This rose wall brooch is a perfect example to set the mood for this perfect day.


9. Try using agate gemstone as an accent. These stones hold untold wonder and radiance beyond our wildest imaginations. Agate causes an interesting emotional reaction, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Tips provided by Shakha Agrawal, Interior Designer, Harrison Interiors, LLC. Visit their lovely work on the Harrison Interiors website.


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