DC Comics Batman VRUM Ride-On & Toy Box

As soon as my 3 year-old saw this his eyes lit up! This ride-on is recommend for ages 2 and up, and I believe children 2-5 will love this toy.

My boys opened it by turning the dials on each side. My 3 year-old struggled at first to open it, but as soon as his big brother (age 5) opened it he could then open it too. They filled the toy box with all of their favorite toys, then pulled it around the living room for the next hour.

After pulling it around for a few minutes they realized they could sit on it! My 3 year-old sat on it as my 5 year-old pulled him around. I’m happy to report he did not fall off once. Once the toy box is closed and locked on each side it is pretty sturdy. It is also really nice because it does not need to be pulled by someone else. They could sit on it and hold the handle and glide their feet on the floor. My 5 year-old is pretty daring and he would work up speed on the hardwood and would raise his feet up.

The toy box is the perfect size for travel. A few weeks ago we went to Pittsburgh. We told the boys they could each bring a few toys. I went into their room to see what they had wanted to bring and there was a HUGE pile of toys in the middle of the floor. I decide to pull out this ride on and said they could bring anything they wanted… as long as it fit inside the toy box and could be shut.

I really like how the toy box locks on each side. There are two circular dials on each side and you turn them from twelve o’clock to three o’clock. This seems to work much better than a latch or another way of closing. There is no mistaking if it’s locked which means you won’t sit it up on accident and everything will fall out. Also it’s great because there is no way your kids will pinch their fingers!

My 3 year-old plays with this pretty regularly. He is our little packrat for sure. I’m glad this is only 12.3″H x 8″W x 18”D (not too big or too small). I was surprised the maximum weight capacity is 80 pounds.

I would definitely purchase this for a gift or for other family members.


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