DC Bike Ride

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel throughout D.C. without any traffic? To be able to go through tunnels without worrying of a sudden stop. To be merging onto the 395 Southbound without fear of congestion. To be on the Whitehurst Freeway and soaking up the views, and not the views of someone’s car rear bumper?

What about doing all of this on the back of a bicycle?

In its second year of celebrating cycling culture, DC Bike Ride had thousands of cyclists participate in the 20-mile road-traffic-free ride on Mother’s Day.

The course ended with a post-ride party right in front of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue. Food trucks, vendors, bike valet and live music greeted tired and hungry cyclists. 

DC Bike Ride was a great and well-organized event to not only promote bike commuting in the District, but to act as a reminder to cyclists that they matter.

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