Curly Girlz Party Pack Dress Bracelet Kit Review

I have a 4-year-old daughter, which means that we have a healthy collection of beads and string and necklaces and bracelets scattered about our house. Most of these are a random assortment of multi-colored, plastic beads strung along a piece of plastic-coated string, tied precariously together. So when we saw the Party Pack Dress Bracelet Kit by Curly Girlz, my daughter and I couldn’t wait to open it.

Each kit contains five silver bracelets, an assortment of pretty silver and painted beads, and even a few dangly gems with stickers to decorate them. The holes of the beads fit perfectly onto the bracelets, and my daughter had no problem stringing them on her own. There is an organza pouch for each bracelet, perfect for storing or gift giving! Finally, the bracelets have a very secure clasp, so that, unlike our other necklaces and bracelets, these ones stay on regardless of how hard we play.

My daughter dove right in and made several bracelets in one sitting. But these would also be perfect for a little girl’s birthday party or even a play-date activity. This is a great kit for little ones who love to bead.

Product Manufacturer: Curly Girlz
Price: $50
Durability 5
Easy-to-follow Instructions 5
Small Pieces 3
Appealed to Advertised Age 
I Would Purchase For My Child Yes
I would Purchase As A Gift  Yes
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high).

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Tricia Mirchandani is a mother of two and a freelance writer, finding opportunities for growth in the most amazing places. She writes about her growing triumphs and pains, inviting other mamas to do the same on her blog Raising Humans. She lives in Arlington, VA, with her husband and two children (and two cats).


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