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 Cupcakes Actually Cupcakes

Are Actually Delicious!

After a hair appointment and some holiday shopping at Fairfax Corner, I decided to pop in and treat the family to some cupcakes from Cupcakes Actually. I’ve walked by the store several times and kept meaning to pop in and try it out.

The store is small and cozy with a couple of small tables for sitting, but seems to be more suited for taking your goodies home or eating them while shopping. I wouldn’t recommend bringing small or rambuncious children along to eat in the store.  In addition to being a small space there are glass shelves with knick-knacks along one wall.  In nice weather there are some outdoor tables at a nearby yogurt shop and the mall has outdoor benches as well.


The cashier was very friendly and helpful in my selection process, and explained the different flavors and varieties.  There are gluten free and vegan options available, so just for kicks I tried one of the gluten free chocolate cupcakes to see if I could tell a difference.  The short answer is not at all. The cupcake was rich and decadent and I loved every bite.

For my kids I selected two of the festive holiday cupcakes: one decoorated as a reindeer and the other with a Christmas tree.  One was red velvet and the other chocolate.  Both met with yummy raves. 


My husband is not a chocoholic like the rest of us so I chose a pumpkin flavored cupcake for him.  He’s a bit of a foodie and dessert snob and he gave it two thumbs up for flavor and presentation. 

All of the cupcakes are made fresh on-site and they also offer custom made cakes for special occassions.  For a special treat these cupcakes are moderately priced at around $4-5 a pop. They are definately a great way to treat a friend, top of a special meal or bring as a hostess gift.  Check out their website this week’s flavors.



Cupcakes Actually

11944 Grand Commons Ave.

Fairfax, VA 


 Cleanliness  4
 Customer Service  4
 Taste  5
 Variety  3.5
 Kid-friendly  3
 Expensive  4
 Gluten free and vegan options  yes
 Offers free samples  no
 Seating available  yes*
 I would eat here again  yes
 I would recommend this to a friend  yes

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

*Limited Seating

Meet the Reviewer!

Debbie Williams is a mom of 

two and Editorial Assistant at

FAMILY Magazine.


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